Logistics Consultant

In this time, Logistics is the most important for business.  According to the good logistics can reduce inessential cost such as the good management of warehouse can reduce the quantity of inventory and also reduce the cost of management.

The assurance of transportation time can help importer or exporter avoid the risk of transportation time.

As above, they are the problem which needs to find the solution. Therefore, we can be a consultant since making order from overseas, transportation from overseas to Thailand, how to sending goods to overseas and even inventory management.

Cross-Border Trade

Cross-border Trade is the one important opportunity for business. Our company has shipping service in many countries around Thailand, such as Laos and Myanmar and China. That’s mean we can service you in every process of cross-border trade.

Door to Door Service

We have the Door to Door service that can provide transportation since port of shipment to port of destination both of domestic and overseas.

The customer can follow up the goods and can know the status of goods. The customer can confidence that they will receive the goods and on time with our experience more than 10 years in import and export.


Customs Clearance, Sea, Air, and Road Freight

We have worked professionally in import and export for more than 10 years with many kinds of products. We guarantee that the customer won’t be meet the problem. Since we have many kinds of service for customer such as customs clearance, sea freight, air freight and road freight. Customer can choose service that suitable for their product and condition.

Domestic Transportation

If the customer can’t provide transportation and distribute goods. We have transportation service that can distribute to customer in all of our countries with the reasonable price and quick service.